Sunday, 24 April 2011

Tip of this week

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Today I am talking about Pistachios. The Pistachios helps to prevent the body from absorbing too many bad fats that affect the heart and overall health. Apart from this antioxidant present in it further helps to reduce cholesterol (Bad fats). Make yourself fit and healthy.

Monday, 11 April 2011

Role of Yoga in Height Increase

Role of Yoga in Height Increase: Tips to grow tall

Yoga means union of soul, mind and physical body to attain unification with higher powers termed as God. Yoga involves physical exercises and meditation to get benefits which has not been seen or possible with other forms of exercises which includes stretching etc. Yoga involves several exercises which work on each joints, bones, cartilage and muscles. It also affects internal organs which includes our nervous system, hormonal (endocrinal glands) system etc. Majority of yoga asanas work on your back bone or spine stretching, strengthening it and increasing its flexibility.

The question comes that after 18 years is it possible to increase height: The answer comes to be yes. What yoga does is to work on your spine where intervertebral discs are compressed. Yoga utilizes the decompression to increase your height. If you look at the figure below the disc accounts for 2-5 inches of compressed space which can be utilized.

Further if you are between 18-22 years of age, your growth plates are not fused 100 % therefore you may expect some results at the end of long bones also.

Further in response to continuous, slow and methodical stretching of your limbs also utilizes cartilage thickening, ligament and tendon stretching to increase height even after 18 years of age. We have seen results till 32 years of age therefore it is possible.

Yoga exercises includes several asanas out of which we are including some to help you out.

A) Sukhasanas : means happy or easy asana in which you sit easy cross legged and stretch your back and hips

B) Dog and Cat pose: it involves mimicking the poses of dog and cat to influence your spine’s stretching.

C) Trikonasana:

D) Chakrasana: It stretches back specially your lower back and improves posture. It relaxes your muscles of neck and back.

E) Tadaasana: means standing erect and pull yourself using your shoulders and arms in the sky.

F) Paschimotasana: Sitting on ground with legs straight and bend from lower waist and touch your feet. It is an excellent asana for height increase. We have seen increase of atleast 1 inch after doing this asana properly.

G) Pranayaam: improves function of autonomic system, digestive system, General irritability reduces and toxins get eliminated toxins are removed from body, therefore onset of various diseases is prevented. Pranayama strengthens the immune system.

Yoga also affects secretion of hormones from your master gland called pituitary gland. If you do these exercises your height is surely going to increase

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